Monday, April 28, 2014

7th Virtual Round Table Web Conference

Book ME-Library wants to say thanks to Dr. María Jesús García San Martín for her invitation to present and take part in the 7th Virtual Round Table Web Conference that was held from the 25th to 27th of April. We were given the opportunity, along with the others in the online teaching community and students from Rey Juan Carlos University to present our semester projects in hopes that the greater community might take notice and advantage of what we have to offer. The Book ME-Library was proud to have Billy Joel Ramos present on its behalf the jist of what our project encompasses and aims to accomplish. Thanks to webtools and web resources like StoryJumper, Storybird, ZooBurst, SoundCloud, Aurasma, and of course Blogger, we were able to create our current library. Our specific portion will be posted here at a later date, when available. In the meantime the entire URJC's portion can be found by clicking on the link provided

We all found the Virtual Round Table Web Conference to be an incredible experience, something completely new to the entire group. The fact that we were able to share our experience from our own homes with others all over the world was amazing. We hope that this is only the first of many such experiences and that sometime maybe even we will be those that other teaches look to headline future events. If you haven't already, take a peek at the rest of our blog and if you have some extra time to read some other really great blogs provided by our classmates, click on their links found on the right-hand side of our blog with other widgets, or by clicking on the links below:

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